Installing *.rpm files

#rpm -ivh packageName.rpm

Installing *.tar.gz files

First you must extract the *.tar.gz using

#tar -zxvf packageName.tar.gz

now cd into the location of source code

#cd packageName

Now you must consider reading filename “readme.txt” generally present in this directory which contains the installation procedure . Most packages require to configure software for your computer and checks if you have everything needed for it to build using configure command.


after that compile the software using make command


using make install command, install the compiled software as the root user

#make install

Installing *.tar.bz2 files

Bzip2 files use a newer and much better compression algorithm than gzip (.gz)

uncompress them using

#tar -jxvf packageName.tar.bz2

now follow the same instructions as in case of tar.gz

Installing *.sh files

#chmod +x

#sh ./

Installing *.bin files

#chmod +x packageName.bin