Some wise guy has rightly said “You won’t find a more Philosophical talk than the talk between three drunk persons”.

Anyways, one interesting thing about my college is pathway between hostel and malik (a near by place to eat and kill time)…just try talking somthing interesting and you’ll get hell lot of fresh ideas whether it be something innovative like this proposal theory πŸ˜‰ or something serious like paper presentation which we won in IIT-Roorkee last week which was based on an idea sprouted during the pathway followed by cup of tea + lots of bakchodi…and the contest judge(teacher) was like “in my 40yrs of career i haven’t seen any new idea, how can your’s be new ? ” , … mam, there is always a first time i guess !!!

To start with, if it is a gal reading this blog, time for you to click on the X of this tab of your browser as this one is strictly for guys and btw if i have ever proposed you, i was damn serious that time !!! πŸ˜›

Special mention to pandey (Mr. peanut butter ) and sipul (our one and only vipul mittal) coz they were the other two philisophers that night !!! πŸ˜€

The topic of discussion was “why guys are hesitant to propose the girl, they like ??”
The whole talk is very seriously summerized in form of a theory “Win Win Theory of Random Proposals” a.k.a Β WW-TRaP ^_^
To summarize the theory in one line “if there are n gals u like, then you can propose any ith and jth gal such that i and j don’t know each other…and you can continue to vary(randomize) these i’s and j’s till u get a green light” πŸ˜‰

Remember girls will be girls. Whenever guys propose them, they show airs and snub the proposals made by the poor creatures. And the dejected dudes never dare to propose any other girl in their life. But come on guys,this is being too pessimistic !! Just think it this way, after all there are only 4 possibilities.The case where she likes u and she is not committed is easiest and best…you’ll immediately get a green signal on proposal, whats better than spending some quality time with your gal rather than wasting time thinkin’ whether she is into you or not !! πŸ˜€

Lets move over to worse case scenario … you are interested in a girl which is committed and she was never interested in you (of course u nva knew that).Before proposing such a girl just make sure her bf is not the one with big muscles who saw u staring at his gal the other day πŸ˜› Β If she doesn’t say NO (as if it is the only word from dictionary she knows) then the most probable outcome of this proposal will be “Let’s just be friends”. No guy likes to hear “lets just be friends” shit from a woman who he is interested in as it deciphers to “u can pay my bills but don’t you dare come close to me”. Its your wish now how to reply to that, i personally prefer to “not just be friends”.
One more probable reply can be “I have never thought you w’d be thinking this about me !!” (Lo and behold, she thinks also :-|) . See, by proposing her, you actually made sure that there is no use wasting your precious time on her.

The other two possible cases are : she likes you and she is committed or she doesn’t like you and shez not committed either…in both of these cases her behaviour towards you will change in positive sense…just make sure you propose her confidently and in the best way she can ever imagine…in this way she will have an entry in her mind’s database that there exist a guy X who might be better than her BF and she’ll start comparing her bf with you every now and then ( believe me, you’ll surely get the benefit of doubt πŸ˜‰ ) and, if she doesn’t have one then even better chances are there…coz she will compare you to every guy she like…the main thing in this mind scheduling algorithm is that, you are getting in most of her thoughts so chances are : big thumbs up !!! πŸ˜‰
The worse you can expect in these two situation is “I always took you as a good friend and you…..?” (All dramebaazi…gal with a confused soul) or a copycat gal saying “I don’t believe in such things, you just mind your work”(most boring reply ever). Argh…you sure can get a better and lively girl than that !!!

For all of you with broken heart, make two things crystal clear,firstly “Heart is a muscle not a bone. so it is nva broken, only pulled or strained” Β and secondly the best way to mend a broken heart is time and a new girlfriend .

So to summarize WW-TRaP …. propose the gal you like in a smart way at the earliest…and see the magic pouring, always a win-win situation !!! πŸ˜€

Don’t take life too seriouslyno one gets out alive anyway