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I love to listen music while coding. First of all it helps me block out external distractions and secondly it makes me concentrate better.

Though i prefer instrumental music while coding, its good to get pumped up with couple of songs :


Queen – We Are The Champions

Now time for some instrumental music

P.S. list is full of unconventional music

Death Note Soundtrack – L’s Theme 

First one is L’s theme from Death Note, absolute EPIC !!

Requiem for a Dream – soundtrack

This one is from the movie Requiem for a dream, one of my all time favorite.

Ewan Dobson – Time 2 – Guitar

The Arrancar Theme

Spanish classical guitar from anime Bleach

Metallica – Call of Cthulhu 

Masterpiece from Metallica

Epic Trance Techno- Fantasy

Inception Soundtrack-Dream is Collapsing

Santana – Europa

Godot – The Fragrance of Dark Coffee

This theme combined with http://www.rainymood.com/ forms an awesome combo.

The Matrix Soundtrack – Clubbed to death

Apocalyptica – Quutamo live

Half life 2 – Vortal Combat

Lastly, an awesome soundtrack from Half life 2

Also there are some good soundtracks here  http://www.amazon.com/Social-Network-Trent-Reznor/dp/B0043ISH6O/ . Also some of them like Fur Elise http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-B4sjUve3E and Clair de Lune http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LXl4y6D-QI didn’t qualified cause it is difficult to not get lost in them.


High Hopes–Pink Floyd

The first time I heard this song I freaked out. Is it even possible for a song to be this good?

Nothing Can Be Explained–Mike Wyzgowski

Heard this one in bleach anime. This gives me chills whenever i hear it…amazing music !!

“Shine On You Crazy Diamond”

This song is mainly about people who fall onto fame nd get caught up in the world…but pink floyd had one person in mind when they made it…Syd…If this song had another name it w’d be GODLIKE.The melody is so haunting and the lyrics are pretty righteous. Even though its a long song,  you w’d still feel WHY DOES IT HAVE TO END!!?

Nothing Else Matters–Metallica

Emotionally powerful song…telling you to be yourself and not care what people think !!!

Hey Jude–The Beatles